Thanksgiving…What’s that all about?

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November 7, 2013 by trixiec67

Thanksgiving Wishes

As we began to have our mailbox besieged with Christmas catalogs and promotions, my nine-year old son made the observation in his own innocent way. He said to me, “Mom, they forgot all about Thanksgiving. It’s like it’s not even a holiday.” To which I dryly replied, “It’s a grocery store holiday. Only the grocery stores make money off of Thanksgiving.” What a sad statement to make to a nine-year old.

You see, since he was quite young he’s been watching the boxed set of Charles Schultz “Peanuts” characters in those loveable, classic “specials” I grew up watching as a child on the TV as “Special Events.” First comes “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”, “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” and finally, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” The best part of owning these boxed sets; there are additional films on them. The Thanksgiving disc gives the history of the first settlers to this land and what they went through using the Peanuts characters in period costume, explaining in detail why they gave thanks. So my son understands why the holiday was instated.

The really sad thing about our society is that no holiday holds its true original meaning any more. It’s all about the almighty dollar. Our family goes to church on a weekly basis. However, my siblings do not. If I brought up the notion of even saying grace at the dinner table, I would be met with dirty looks, and perhaps even a chiding. If, however, my son did it, they would keep their mouths shut and “appease” him.

My older sister tells me I’m a very negative person. Does she know how I pray or what I give thanks for in my life? Thanksgiving is a beautiful opportunity to express the gifts we have received over a year’s time. The holiday comes but once a year.

I am very thankful that I have been blessed with two healthy children. They may have minor issues. My son has asthma and severe allergies. However, neither of my children have impairments. I am so blessed. Next week my dear mom will be 74 years old. She has survived several scares with all her heart problems and she has Parkinson’s disease. Yet I am blessed to still have her with us. My brother and his wife will be celebrating their first anniversary as well. I have beautiful nephews and a niece. Through all the nervousness and anxiety, God granted me social security disability the first time to the courtroom.

There were also some major disappointments along the way. I’m not going to say everything was sunshine and roses. There is always a counter balance. You have to take the bad with the good. The trick is concentrating on the good. This, at times, is much easier said than done. I have struggled with this these past twelve months. (Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving)

A new year is on the horizon. Once Thanksgiving has passed, we soon become frenzied with all the holiday shopping for the Christmas season. Please take the time to remember though, Christmas is a season that is supposed to be a season filled with LOVE. Yes, it’s a time of giving. How about this year, make it a time of giving of yourself, your time, your love. Reach out to those who have forgotten what love feel like.

When you’re out hustling and bustling, take the time to open the door for that mom with the stroller or that elder person who struggles with the weight of the door. If someone drops something and your hands are free, don’t just walk by. Pick it up for them. These tiny acts of kindness will be paid forward in ways unimaginable.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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