November 3, 2013 by trixiec67


Time seems to pass so quickly as we grow older. It’s already November and the year is practically over. When we talk to old friends we haven’t seen in a while, they cannot believe how old the children are and how much they have grown since last they saw them. You would think in an age of computers, cells phone with camera capabilities, emails and all the other electronic ways to send images it would take the shock out.

The truth is, most of the time we rarely stay connected with a variety of people. I think the electronic age has actually caused some of us to shave down our list of friends we used to see and spend time with on a regular basis. You get caught up with that phone in your hand. Your fingers begin growing roots to the touch pad. Your pupils adjust to the size and light of the back lit screen. I wonder how much the eye care business is booming due to eye strain of staring at tiny screens most of the day.

This year during Spring Break my thirteen year old daughter got herself into enough hot water that it warranted punishment. So I took away her IPod for a week with much whining. She misplaced her cell phone. This was not an uncommon thing. She knew it was in the house but did not expend much energy to find it. Er go, she was without power. Electronic power, that is.

Lo and behold she discovered she had a brother. Once I “unplugged” her from the gadgets, there was a world of “free” time. Her nine year old brother was no longer a nuisance but a buddy to hang out with and play with and create games with and even cook together. Who knew?

On the computer they created menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They pulled out a cookbook for kids with simple recipes. They set the table and served us (the parents). For lack of a better term, they even attempted to do minor clean-up in the kitchen. However, my absolute favorite activity of all is what you see in the photo above. They went through their rooms and the basement and collected pillows, sheets and blankets; pulled the chairs from the dining table and built a fort. They slept in it for two nights. They played in it during the day.

It brought me back to my childhood. We had one boxy chair that my mom used to let me flip on it’s back. I would use it’s cushion and pillows from my room to make a private fort. The age difference between me and my siblings left me to be by myself for a few years and I learned to entertain myself.  We only have the two. They are three years apart. However, our son at times really wants to be with his sister. She, on the other hand, is far too busy being thirteen going on twenty-three. She barracades herself in her room with her cell phone in hand and you can hear her giggling, screeching, cackling, pounding her feet on the footboard. I think you get the general idea. If you have a teenage daughter, need I say more?

All the while I think to myself, “Where did this child come from? I never did any of this?” Then again, I was listening to vinyl albums sitting on the floor in the dark in the dining room with gigantic headphones on so no one could hear the music. My kid walks around blaring her music out of a cell phone making everyone crazy and yelling, “Turn it off!”

I do tell her that she better tow the line. Punishment in this house: You will be UNPLUGGED! 


2 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. Unplugged! How could they live without today! The professor says the only way to survive is to have a warm cup of sotsiz tea. It helps him every time.

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