Boxes, Bags and Dirty Rags

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March 17, 2013 by trixiec67

Are we done yet?

February 2013 — The month from HELL!

Why? You ask. A logical question.

For me, a loaded answer; filled with anger, anxiety and the urge to hurt many people. All of these people being MEN. Whom shall I start with per se? Shall it be the real estate broker with the drosal fin growing out of his back between his shoulder blades? Should it be the man who recommended him to us? Should it be my idiot other half who just went along with the program and never asked a forceful question or pushed for a straight answer?

Nevertheless, all is said and done and there is no turning back. On my  birthday, I awoke to be told we had to sign our house of fourteen years away in a short sale. No warning. No closing package. No “Happy Birthday.” No “Go to Hell.” Just the news we are living on borrowed time and go hunt for boxes and start packing it up. Needless to say, I was in tears and furious all at the same time.

My siblings kept telling me that this was the “best thing” that ever happened to me. Really? Where the hell was I supposed to live now? We had no place picked out. We hadn’t looked at one single house despite my constant nagging about finding a new house.

Then “the genius” tells me, we can’t afford to get a mortgage. We have to rent. WHAT! We still haven’t looked at anything. We sign and then he goes off to Las Vegas for a week’s conference from work and tells me “in my spare time” to get on the internet and start looking up rentals. This is in between appointments everyday for my mother, myself and chauffering the kids to countless activities after schools. If only….hands could go through phone lines. He’d be a saprano.

As for the boxes, bags and dirty rags. I purged. I tossed. I tried to leave the junk behind in that house to let the new owner worry about it. Let that jerk deal with throwing it all away. What do I find? My beloved idiot went behind me and brought the junk here. The stuff I purposely LEFT, he went behind me and gathering up and brought here. So much for purging.

Tell me, anyone, do men honestly have two brains? I believe they do. The one they always think with and the one that is on reserve in their heads for emergency use only!! That one doesn’t get used so often by the majority. There have been great men in this world that actually did use the one in their head: Albert Einstein, um….Thomas Edison…..ah…..I know there are a few more. Their names escape me at the moment.

So, I packed that house feeling like I had a gun pointed at my head. Now I’m unpacking this house like I’m going to have to put it all in a truck and move on again. I’ve never rented before. Now I feel like at a moment’s notice I will be told to pack it up and go….again.

I just can’t relax and I can’t sleep at night.

The cabinet stays. Take the TV.

The cabinet stays. Take the TV.


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