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January 22, 2013 by trixiec67

Have a NICE day!

When I last left you with the tale of my whoas with the company Nomorerack.com, I was out of my cash and with no product. I told of their bungle of screwing up what would have been an awesome Christmas gift for my daughter, leaving me looking like the Bad Santa.

I had also posted the correspondence between an anonymous representative of the company and myself. How special. They can’t even sign their names to a letter. You have no idea to whom you are corresponding with in your attempt to solve a problem. Nice company. They really want to remain a mystery all the way around. You don’t even know the title of the person either.

Yes, further contact was made. I can’t really show you my email because the contents was all personal information. Name, address etc. However, this is what the rest of it looked like:

To ??,

personal information here

  • I believe this should be enough information for you to track down my original order. Let me know if you need anything else.

    Regards, Jackie Boyer

  • We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Upon reviewing your account, you have been issued $24.00 refund credits to your Nomorerack account. Do you wish to repurchase your desired item or have me refund the said amount to your original form of payment. Please advise.

    Okay. How much clearer could I have been in my previous correspondences? Please advise? Who works there? Trained chimps? So again on January 13, 2013, I wrote another email to them.

    No I do not wish purchase what I already bought in a store for my daughter. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift. I had to replace the missing gift at the time.

    Please explain “refund credits”. I was told in the first email I would receive a full REFUND not a refund credit. When I said I expect a full refund in my account, I meant my BANK ACCOUNT. I have no intentions of purchasing anything from your website. That is why I made the request to be removed from the email list to stop receiving the over abundant email every 6 hours that clog my inbox.

    I’m sorry. However, this situation has soured my perception of your company in such a way that I will not do any further business with you. I want a refund of my money.

    Their response:

    Hi Jackie,

    I am very sorry. I have gone ahead and revoked the credits for the boots and submitted a refund back to the original form of payment. At nomorerack, we aim to under promise and over deliver. We have reviewed your account and can verify that your order was shipped. It appears that the item may have been lost in transit. We will try our best to recover the item. In case the item is lost, we will refund the item to the original form of payment. Kindly allow your financial institution to post the funds in accordance to their applicable standard posting time which may take up to a maximum of 5-7 business days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have brought you.In case you still receive the item, you may keep it as a gift from Nomorerack.

    Furthermore, we have also issued $5.00 store credits on your Nomorerack account for the inconvenience. Kindly login and verify that this credit is visible on your end.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help, and want to ensure you are over satisfied with your shopping experience.

    Note: ( Please be advised that In case you still receive the item, you may keep it as a gift from Nomorerack )


    Lo and behold; as I checked my account today Nomorerack.com actually issued a cash-money refund back into my checking account. Ah, the beauty of a debit card. This mess only started on November 30, 2012. Little did I know this would be such a headache. Actually, on my part, it has turned into a migraine on several occasions. Seriously. I have the grave misfortune of suffering from migraines and stress is a trigger. Just my luck.

    And so I say to Nomorerack you have Nomorecustomer here. You’ve been nothing but a pain in my patella and perhaps even higher. So I leave this message with you:

    Aahhhhh, piss on you too!
























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