Happy New Year?


January 11, 2013 by trixiec67

Let’s start 2013 off with a bang…or should I say a b*tch?


Well, that would be your personal opinion.

I’m talking more about an unresolved problem with an online company that I ordered from called…Nomorerack.com. Yes, I am mentioning their name. I have no qualms about it. I’m not trying to “protect” their good image. I personally feel like I received the worst customer service possible.

I’m a large soda drinker. What’s this got to do with anything? Well, I drink Coke. They have this promo. You input a code from their product into a special website and you get stuff. That’s what led me to Nomorerack.com. They had some amazing deal advertised on the Coke website. It was something my daughter was dying for and I thought it would make a great Christmas gift. It was November 30, 2012.

I look at their website. They are endorsed by The View (aaahhh), The Talk, Martha Stewart…these are big names to be endorsing a company. They don’t endorse just anybody. So I figure they should be a safe company. They’ve been mentioned on national television. I wouldn’t know though. I don’t watch trash TV.

So I order, thinking I’m safe because it’s nearly a month before Christmas. Right? Wrong! I start worrying the closer it gets to Christmas. I go to their website and I don’t see a “contact us” anywhere.


So I find them on Facebook and leave a nondescript, but unhappy post to get their attention. They assure me on the site that some companies take longer than others to fulfill their orders. Then, the week before Christmas this darling company informs me via email, that if I don’t get the merchandise by Dec. 21, 2012 to email them and inform them if I want a full refund and cancel the order. Well, of course I emailed them and told them to forget it. I had already admitted to my kid what happened and took her to the store and bought her the missing gift that would not be under the tree.

Braving the Christmas crowds two days before the BIG day was my worst nightmare. I was tired, cranky and with horrible planning on our part, had to plan a family party for our son’s birthday at a local restaurant for his birthday on the 23rd of December. Don’t worry. I called the restaurant and made reservations a month ahead of time. I’m not stupid.

After reminding this company again about my missing refund via Facebook a couple of weeks later, they told me to go to their website and look for some specific thing and leave another email. I had to hunt and peck instead of them making it easy for me.

After you order from them, they don’t give you any tracking information. There is no way to contact them. They make no effort to contact you during the process of your order until everything blows up. They are basically a “middle man” to all the companies they make “deals” with for you to get these incredible buys.

This past Sunday I got an email from them that they SHIPPED my order. How nice of them. I went directly to Facebook and wrote a very unhappy post. It ticked them off so much, they deleted it and told me next time to use the “message” button in the upper right hand corner. For your entertainment, here is the message I then sent. (Yes, I am so anal I save my correspondences in my Word because unlike old-fashioned letter writing via snail mail, you don’t have a copy to refer back to.)

I have corresponded with your company via my email about this situation several times. XXXXXXX@XXXXX.com However, it seems whoever was handling the claim for me did NOT follow through. 

The first email was received the week before Christmas and said that if I did not receive the UGG boots I ordered by Dec. 21, 2012 I could request a full refund. I sent an email out immediately ON Dec. 21, 2012 requesting a refund. Nothing happened. I posted a note on Facebook and some replied and asked me to contact Nomorack.com via the customer service. 

I had to hop around the internet and then the website to leave another correspondence about getting a full refund. I have explained the situation over and over again. This is getting tiresome, to say the least. 

You may be irritated about what I said in that public post that you deleted from your site, but put yourself in my position. Explain to your child right before Christmas that she’s not getting this great gift you thought you bought her. Then take her to the store and buy her a replacement so now she has less gifts to open Christmas morning compared to her sibling. Your company waited far too long to inform me. 

And after all the trouble I went through to get the refund, no one followed through and cancelled the order and  sent the refund as PROMISED in WRITING. The order was shipped out this past Sunday. 

You may not be happy with me for the comments I made. I am only one person. The one person who is very unhappy with the poor customer service I have received.  The one person who isn’t afraid to say something about that very poor customer service. I’ve worked in retail. The one thing I was taught; the customer is the “bread and butter” of the business and they should be treated with respect. I shouldn’t have to fight for what is correct and fair treatment. 

Perhaps you should take out the original classic “Miracle on 34th Street” and really watch how the department store takes a clue from Kris Kringle. They become the “helpful” department store and become more concerned about helping the customers than pushing them to buy only in their store. The stress here is on HELPING people, not treating them like dirt. 

I wish for this situation to be rectified soon.

I received a reply back today. I find it amusing to say the least. It shows me how people are in “auto” mode and don’t pay full attention to what they are reading. As you see in my message, I have used X’s to publicly block out my email address. That’s not how it really appears in the message. This is the response I received today:

Hi there Jackie, I am very sorry about the inconvenience. I am a mother too and I feel frustrated most especially at times that I cannot give what I have promised to my children. I totally understand what you are coming from. I’ve been there in your situation not too long ago. I just want to know first your email address so I can pull up your account and see what I can do. I can promise you that I can help you because I have all the resources we might need. Thank you for your cooperation and for handling this issue very professionally. Hope God sees your heart. I will await your response Jackie. God bless you.

Yeeeaaaahhhh. Okay. Deep breath. I will hold my sarcasm and forked tongue and be a good little girl when I respond. I really can do that. After all, that is why I go to confession. I am Catholic and I am working toward Purgatory and not Hell. The Lord knows I have days where it feels like I’m experiencing Hell up here. I don’t need to experience it for all eternity.

I’ll let you know what happens. But I’m a fighter like my dad was when it comes to $$$, especially when it comes out of my pocket.

God Bless Us, Everyone.


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  1. Hi Trixie! I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I have moved to http://www.theidiotspeaketh.com due to WordPress blocking my blog. Have a great day! Hope to see you soon 🙂

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