Frost on the Windshield

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November 14, 2012 by trixiec67


This is the second time so far this Fall season that I have had to scrape the windshield in the morning. This is a bad thing for me. You see as I have gotten older and more decrepid, I can no longer force myself out of bed early. I can no longer take the ten minute shower and be done with it. This is really sad because now I have super short hair and don’t have to fuss with it. I always find myself running out of the house and just getting my younger child to school milliseconds before the second bell rings. That’s bad. That’s very bad. Second bell = late.

This would mean I would have to get out of the car, walk into the school with my child, escort him into the office

hand him a tiny piece of green paper that says “late pass” on it

sign a log with my name on it

sign his name on it

sign his teacher’s name on it

time of day

date stamp it

give the reason for being tardy

driver’s license number

hand over my first-born

do a tribal dance

Oh yes, and all this must be done in blood. Then I have to walk back to my car in the cold and re-scrape the windows. If I’m lucky and the frost gods are asleep, I get a break. The windows will be clear or I’ll have had to park far enough away from the door that when I get out and hit the auto start on my key chain, the defrost will be kicking so high that by the time I reach the car, the window will so toasty that the frost will have reached the liquid state and I can soft poach an egg on the window. That is, if I’m lucky.

So this morning as usual, I’m running late. I tell the kid to just get in as I set everything on full blast and pull the scraper/duster (for the snow there’s a brush on the other end) out of the back. I start on the side windows. I get to the front on the passenger side and scrape away cursing that I lost one of my gloves yesterday between the washer and the dryer and my hands are freezing.

Then I get to the driver’s side. And I had to pause. I just had to stop to take in the message left for me by my first-born who has to arrive at school earlier. She gets dropped of by her dad. On the driver’s side, written in the frost with an index finger:

Hi! ❤ A

It was the best way to start a potentially lousy day that stopped me in my tracks, made me smile and it turned out okay.


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