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October 9, 2012 by trixiec67

I want it NOW!!

I want it NOW!!!

Any of you who remember the infamous “Willie Wonka and The Chocolate Factory” with Gene Wilder will surely remember the snotty little Veruca and her whiny voice calling out, “I want it NOW!” Somewhere in the grand scheme of things, I have the great misfortune of being the one who has to deliver the goods NOW! Whether it is making a plethora of phone calls to arrange doctor appointments for my mother, one of my kids or myself making sure that none of them overlap or interfere with any other activity.

Then I must be the chauffeur to all these appointments, of course. Drop off and pick up child B to and from school. Child A has dance on Saturdays. If father doesn’t make it home on time during the week, then child B needs to be taken to karate on Thursdays. Both offspring have religion classes on Wednesdays after school.

Let us not forget all driving to and fro to friend’s homes for hanging out, birthday parties and sleep overs. Then the begging’s of child A to go to the mall with her friends, which also include whining for cash because she can’t save a dime from the small odd jobs that she has, which I also have to drive her to as well.

I know. I know. I sound like a big complainer. But honestly, I do not remember my mother driving me all over hell’s half-acre. I used to walk or ride my bike every where.




To be honest, my mother didn’t really have to worry so much about my safety back then. During daylight hours, she expected that I would return home safe even if I was out by myself. However, that is not the case today. I worry about my child’s safety walking to her friend’s house alone even though it’s probably the same distance or shorter than what I used to walk. We still live in the same city I grew up in, with the exception from being on the east side to now being on the west side. I actually grew up living in closer proximity to parts of Detroit. Now where we are, we’re not even close. Society has changed so much you’re afraid to let your kids play out front without keeping an eye on them.

So here I am, staying up way past my bedtime. Why? Because I can enjoy the total silence. Everyone is in bed. I don’t have to look at my watch and worry that I have to make it to some doctor’s office or be waiting for the bell to ring as I sit either boiling or freezing my butt off outside the school door. Is it the correct day?

Here’s a good one. My darling mother that I love to death suffer’s from Parkinson’s and other maladies. She can get confused at times. One week she vehemently argued with me that she told me of her doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. I told her she had just told me about only a couple of days before but it didn’t matter, I would get her there on time. She insisted she had told me over a week prior. She actually screamed it at me on the phone, getting me quite upset as I wasn’t in the mood to deal with it because I already told her I was taking her.

I picked her up. Hauled her large four-wheeled walker in the back of my Journey and got her to the office. As she got to the desk to sign in the receptionist said,

“Oh Moron Mom’s Mother, I don’t have you down until next Wed.”

To which my mother replies,”What do mean NEXT WED?!”

To which I reply, “Exactly what it means. NEXT WED!”

She turns and looks at me and asks, “Isn’t it the third?”

“No dear, it’s the twenty-sixth.”


“You didn’t even look at your calendar, did you?”

“No, I didn’t. Take me to the Market. I need bananas.”

So this is why I guess I’ve always enjoyed being a night person and sleeping during the day. But I can’t do that anymore. My life is now ruled by the clock and the calendar. And it drives me CRAZY! It stinks. I will now leave you with one of my favorite tunes. Saw this band live in concert. Loved them. All through college I was an avid concert goer. Now~~I sit back and reminisce. I couldn’t afford the price of a ticket these days.


Enjoy the Silence  by Depeche Mode

Sorry, it’s an embedded video. You have to go to YouTube to see/hear it. I tried. Snobs.


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