Season X of NCIS

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July 27, 2012 by trixiec67

Pretty sketchy characters, if you ask me.

Sketch by Chris Walid

Heavens to mergatroid. The NCIS crew is back hard at work. From all the scouting and hunting on Twitter and other websites, fans are making speculations. What will happen in the season premiere? We were left with the Director of NCIS parking his SUV next to the building; which in the real world would never happen. He does this after having been kidnapped, drugged and stuffed in a mausoleum next to a corps.

The directors’ SUV was dusted for fingerprints, however Gibbs’ probationary officer, Ziva David, ex-Mossad (highly trained operative and executioner) tells him “there was no need to sweep the vehicle” after finding it abandoned in a field not far from the site with a mysterious biblical riddle left behind for them to figure out. So at the last second, Gibbs figures out that obviously there’s got to be a bomb in the SUV and he allows a nasty criminal that he pulled from prison to interrogate again; a murderer, a traitor to the U.S., to help him find the bomb and disarm it.

Chances are, he was disintegrated in the blast. The spoiler pictures released by the tweeters show a destroyed building. We now have confirmation that the entire cast has now renewed their contracts. So no one from the opening credits will disappear. As a matter of fact, Brian Dietzen will finally be added to those opening credits. It’s only taken CBS nine years stop calling him a recurring character and put him on the full cast list. Gee, maybe one of the exec’s got hit by some flying debris and got some sense knocked into them.

I do find it interesting that Gary Glasberg has not started to leak anything himself. Perhaps it is just a bit too early for him. The premiere doesn’t air until September 25th this year. I do believe that is one of the latest starting dates I recall. I remember them being just a little earlier in the month.

Mark Harmon; July 2012; season X

Mark Harmon can’t risk getting a tan between takes on the set of filming season X.

I’m not holding my breath for anything ground breaking. (ooo, bad pun) It’s seem of late that NCIS has the numbers CBS wants, but as far as the writing goes, it’s become the number one  evening soap opera. Now they have some new competition. They should be put in the time slot against Dallas. Larry Hagman can go up against Robert Wagner.


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