I’ll Take That To Go…

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July 12, 2012 by trixiec67

How many of us remember growing up listening to those catchy tunes and silly images of School House Rock? They taught us how to multiply, how a bill became a law, the order of the planets and yesterday as I lay on the table getting my first epidural, all I could think of was the kid yelling out, “Ouch! Hey, it’s not fair givin’ a guy a shot down there!”

Well, I’m not a guy. I chose to get this shot “down there” and it wasn’t in any fleshy part of my body. And all I have to say is, it’s a darn good thing that I did NOT see the size of the needle being inserted. When you hear the words, “You’re going to feel a little pinch.” exactly whose definition of “little” are they talking about anyway? The purpose of this “little” pinch with the monster sized needle is to insert a catheder up your spinal cord to insert a steroid medication.

So the pinch really wasn’t the worst part. The doctor does use an x-ray machine so he can see exactly where he’s placing everything. There’s no guess work involved. Then the doctor asked if I could feel pain as he injected the medicine. Oh yeah. I was grabbing the edged of that table they had me on like I was going to rip through the cheap thin excuse of a mattress or padding or whatever you wanted to call it.

However, I felt my biggest moron moment ever at that point as the medicine slowly streamed into my body and felt like hell’s fire. That is because when I first got there they had asked me if I wanted any sedation. They said they don’t put you out all the way it’s just  a little something to take the edge off. So I figured I didn’t need it. What’s the big deal? If you’re not going to knock me out, why get stuck with another needle?  I’d of been more leary if they were going in up by my neck and may have considered sedation. When that medicine hit I muttered, “I must be the only stupid one that didn’t get sedation on their first time.”

Then I was told by my sister that a friend of ours who receives these treatments never gets sedation either. This way, you can drive yourself home and not worry about bringing someone with you. You just go home and sit on an ice pack. This is because it is literally a pain in the ass. It takes up to four or five days for the medicine to take affect and rid you of your original pain that you went in there to be relieved of, and now came out with new pain. Great! You have to suffer pain to get rid of pain. Ah. The wonderful world of medical cures.

So you come home and feel lousy for a day. You ice yourself for twenty minutes on and twenty off and no more than a 48 hour period. Here’s hoping this all works out. I have a follow-up with the doctor in two weeks. Then I will see how long I can go before I get stuck again. Hopefully, this lasts for months. 😀


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