Why do I do it?


June 21, 2012 by trixiec67

Is the garage for sale?

Oh the agony. Oh the pain. Every year for the past six years our neighborhood has an annual Block Sale. What this really means is that  I have to hustle under pressure and try to gather the stuff that is in our house that we don’t use anymore, price it, and try to neatly place it in our front yard like a thrift store for strangers to come through and hopefully take away the junk for rock bottom prices. I do mean cheap.  I don’t want this stuff hanging around. What doesn’t get snatched up by anxious “garbage salers” ends up in boxes or bags piled on the porch.

For two days, the joy was mine to sit in the front yard and chase the shade, still managing to get fried on my exposed arms. Sunscreen? What’s that? How could I possibly remember that? The sale began at nine am and as we were placing things out at eight thirty there were people rummaging through our junk before it was all out. Annoyance number one. Another favorite of mine: those who peel off the price tags and then play dumb. While the adult (me) is busy with a “customer” the price peeler asks my kid who is totally clueless. So they pull down one of my kid’s $55 recital costumes that I have now priced at $10 bucks. All of them clumped together, and offers me $2. They also pull the, “I don’t speak English very well. My daughter want.” card and has the kid hold up a baggie full of coins. This must be time out of purgatory! Five minutes maybe.

Here’s another favorite: The distraction! A very large group comes and ascends on your property; most of them are children under the age of ten with only one or two adults and they are both holding infants. They distract you by asking dumb questions in broken English as well. This gives the children free reign to run around and destroy everything that is out. Then when they finally leave, you look around to see everything out of order and on the ground and may even discover that the cheapest of the cheap items that you have has been stolen. YES! Stolen.

So why do I do this? I guess it’s just an excuse to make myself purge the house of junk annually. What else is going to make me run around  and dig through my closet, haul crap out of cupboards, the basement, drawers and anywhere else I can sneak toys without my kids seeing what I’m throwing in that two for a quarter bucket? The end result: I end up having to call some charitable organization to haul all the boxes and bags away.

Now how do you choose who is worthy enough to give all this priceless (literally) junk to? Well, I figured that one out six years ago. Let me tell you. What a pain. I first called a very popular organization. The response I got from them was, “We won’t be in your area until next month.” Well, I’m sorry sista. The city is not going to let a pile of boxes hang out on my porch for a month or two or whenever you feel like coming around to pick it up. So, I look up another and give them a call. “You can drop it off at one of our store locations.” Hello! I’m ready to curl up next to Rip Van Winkle and YOU want ME to load my stuff up and bring it to your place. No thanks.

Now here’s my favorite true story. Some friends of ours had the unfortunate task of cleaning out their parents home after their passing. They called a charitable organization to pick up an entire house full of wares. It was all neatly waiting at the curb. The men came with the big truck. They began to load it up. Half the truck was full. As they got down to some of the smaller items, they suddenly began to nitpick. This look too old. This looks banged up. We don’t want this. My girlfriend was utterly appalled. She told them to stop. Then she chewed them out. She told them that she would rather have EVERYTHING go to the dump. How dare they get picky over free merchandise that was in good condition. She ordered them to remove it all off the truck and leave. She stood and watched and made sure every last item was removed and put back on  the curb. She would rather see people “sheenie” it off the street and the rest get taken away. I would have done the same. As the saying goes: “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” She is not the type to put “trash” out for donations.

I found the most AWESOME organization to donate my left over yard sale wares to. The donation workers are as reliable as the people they represent. I always donate to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). I can’t think of a better organization to help support. I may not always be able to give financial support due to my situation. However, if my stuff can help out their thrift stores and bring in revenue for them that way, I am more than happy to help out. I called on Monday and the truck was at my door bright and early Tuesday. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you DAV! Thank you American Veterans! I hope I’ve helped you out. God Bless.


One thought on “Why do I do it?

  1. Yes — DAV is a very worthy cause!

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