Should I Stay or Should I Go

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June 9, 2012 by trixiec67

C’mon and let me know!

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” If this saying is true, then I must be rich! As I look around me in my humble little¬†home, I am surrounded by the biggest pile of junk known to man. It’s not that I am a hoarder. Trust me. I’ve seen the show. Okay. I’ve the commercials for the show. And I have seen episodes of CSI about a hoarder. I am not a true hoarder. There is not one single item I favor over another.

Although sometimes I believe I inherited the pack-rat problem my father had. When my parents finally decided to “down size” and move to a smaller home after all us kiddie flew the coupe; it was a literal nightmare. The worst of it was when we faced that two and half car garage with a floor built into the rafters for “extra” storage. You couldn’t even tell that my father had a 1964 1/2 Mustang “stored” in that garage because it was buried and covered with “stuff”. I think I’m almost as bad as my dad. Although I’m not hiding any vintage automobiles anywhere under any piles of “stuff”. I’m sure I’ll unearth something I forgot I own.

It will come in the way of the removal of half a rain forest of school papers that I can’t decided which should stay and which should go. ¬†How many of my children’s Picasso imitations do I really need to hang onto anyway? By the time they’re old enough and graduating from high school, just seeing one piece of art work from kindergarten would send them into coronary arrest at a graduation party. No doubt about it. But that’s what parents are for! We were put on this earth to embarrass our children and get them back for all the pain and torture that they have and will put us through before they reach semi adulthood.

Here’s looking at you kids. It’s time for mommy to save the “best” piece of artwork you made and recycle the rest. It’s to let go of the past and clean the clutter. I must go from treasured one to minimalist.


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