The Infamous NCIS Season Finale

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May 18, 2012 by trixiec67

I waited for Tuesday night to come around. I sat in front of the 42″ TV with the HD channel of CBS was set and the DVR was ready to record. The show began and I sat there. Interruption. Pause. Irritation. But then…light bulb! I can fast forward through commercials for a short time period. Yay. So I settle back in my chair to watch the season finale of NCIS.

So here’s my two cents about the finale. Cliffhanger. What cliffhanger? It was about as exciting as the Season 7 finale. The only difference is, this time they splurged on the budget and paid a little extra for some pyrotechnics. Perhaps some of the writers are closet fans of Burn Notice and Fiona and her car trunk full of C4. There’s not an episode that goes by without something going BOOM. So did Gary Glasberg get ignition envy? He had to have some things go boom too.

And  just when the plot line began to get interesting, the scene would change and I would get bored. The boredom usually came about with the Gibbs/Ryan scenes. Ryan would be the head doctor played by Jamie Lee Curtis.  Sorry Uncle Monkey, (my reference to Mark Harmon) your choice of co-star falls flat with me. And that sumptuous “good-bye” forever kiss (between Gibbs and Ryan); was that just to prove to himself that he still knows how to lay one on a woman’s lips? Let’s face it Mark, it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen you pucker up like that! I don’t even think he sucked face that hard in Doppelganger. Do they even look like they’re hot for each other?

And the Emmy goes to…..David McCallum for the most poignant and graceful scene on the beach. After hearing the body count, he suddenly begins to experience the infamous massive coronary attack.

And what was up with the sudden trust between Gibbs and Scott Wolf? The psycho killer from the original group known as The Phantom Eight who went on a killing spree. So then both go to work ripping apart Vance’s vehicle. Suddenly Scott becomes a noble hero, willing to die with a truck load of C-4. I’m not a munitions expert, but as soon as I saw the cell phone, I’d of been taking the Ginsu to the wire attached to the phone hook up. But that’s just me. Call me crazy. The phone starts ringing and the guy just looks down at it and does nothing. Ooookaaaaaay. 

People are running everywhere. Chaos. Then the big BOOM! Flames, flying debris. People falling.

My prediction is that Abby, forensic specialist,  gets hurt bad enough to need whole blood and they contact the guy from the  animal shelter aka her natural brother. Then somehow the truth comes out about them being brother and sister. Ta da! We get our Abby-centric story line about her brother and adoption.

Gibbs has more lives than an Egyptian cat. So he’ll probably just have a band-aid on his forehead and some sort of wrapping on an appendage. He’s lived through more injuries between the tales of his time as a Marine and the injuries he’s acquired on the job as an NCIS special agent. Hey maybe he’ll have an eye patch like his buddy Kort. They can be the pirate twins.

Just one example of surviving an explosion from an earlier season.

Okay, enough of my sarcasm. This episode was nothing to write home about. I was not sitting on the edge of my seat. Gary Glasberg needs to learn to keep his mouth shut! He’s nothing more than an over-sized helium balloon with a big leak. And I honestly tried to avoid most of the spoilers. And yet, this finale still left me deflated.

I won’t be waiting with baited breath for Sept. Cast, take your well deserved hiatus. Chill. Sit on your butts. Do nothing. That’s what the writers did all ten months. Okay, there were a few good ones sprinkled in there now and again during the season. But the cast should rest and the writers should seriously get to work on something interesting and military based. Or just go find a job writing for The Young and The Restless. JMHO.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it


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