Kid – 1 Moron Mom – 0

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May 2, 2012 by trixiec67

On Saturday, new cell phones arrived for our daughter and me, just like Christmas. I didn’t even know that my hubby was replacing our old ones. I knew the contract was going to be up soon and we would be “upgraded.” I was in no big rush. However, our diva daughter constantly pestered about when would we get new cell phones.

As I mentioned before, I’m a total “Gibbs” and technology has a difficult filtering through my brain. So the little darling (all of eleven yrs old) excitedly announced that we now have new phones. I barely give it a glance. Her brightly pink phone is super glued in her hands as she texts away to all her friends and cousins, letting them know about her new toy.

On Sunday, I finally decide to pick up the phone after charging it over night. Oh great! It’s one of those “touchy” screens that I can’t stand. But everything today is “touch” for the most part. It still has a normal key pad for the texting. But I’m having a difficult time figuring this thing out. So…..of course, I ask my kid about the functions on the phone. If ever I felt like a true moron, it was watching my eleven year old take the cell phone and announce, “Oh that’s really easy.” Then proceed to complete the function I couldn’t figure out in a matter of seconds and the phone back to me.

My point to her was, that did me no good child. You DIDN’T SHOW ME! When performing a function, it is usually customary to hold the object out toward the person and explain what you are doing. She just took the phone, programmed what I was trying to do and handed it back to me.

Ah…but here’s the best one. I didn’t figure out how to change the background screensaver. So I picked some funky artwork design. Then the phone guru and I were discussing the “camera” aspect of the phone. She grabbed my phone and said, “No wait. I have the perfect picture for you.” (Referring to my screen saver.) I was very leary. I didn’t know what she was going to do. I kept telling her to give me back my phone. She kept giggling and ran out of the room. I sat there, waiting, apprehensively. She returned less than sixty seconds later and held up the phone laughing.

On my screen was an image of Mark Harmon from one of my older boxed sets of NCIS, with a small glimpse of Michael Weatherly and Sasha Alexander in the background. The Kid -1 Moron Mom – 0.

Mark Harmon


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