Insomnia Sucks

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April 26, 2012 by trixiec67

I am still trying to figure out how this site works. I am such a “Gibbs” when it comes to all this computer stuff. For those non-NCIS people out there, it just means I am computer challenged. I just poke around and try desperately to figure out how get through a site and post things.

So if my blog looks boring and unattractive, you now know why. Besides the fact that it’s past midnight and I really should be in bed. However, this is the time I get to really “Enjoy the Silence.” (A flashback to my Depeche Mode days of the past.) By far, one of the best bands I witnessed in concert, twice.

Yes, I am a product of the ’80’s. No hairbands for me. I have a couple of tunes I can tolerate from some of the heavy rockers. For the most part, I was a “Punk”. To be politically correct these days, I would have been referred to as a Goth in high school and college. The weird middle child who studied art and got the BFA.

Staying up late like this throws off my whole day. I end up feeling like a zombie. I’ve always been a night owl who would rather sleep during the day. I shutter to compare myself the ever popular “vampire”. The creature of the night that seems to be topic of so many of those awful, stomach turning pre-teen/teen pubencent books and films that make my stomach turn. And to think, it all began in the ’90’s with “Interview with a Vampire,” book made film starring my two least favorite actors: Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. (gag, choke, cough)

Ah…I believe I will turn into a pumpkin or some other type of gourd if I don’t find my way to a mattress. So this is farewell for now. Ciao for now.


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