Hey World, It’s Me.

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April 26, 2012 by trixiec67

Me, Daddy & my doggie

Daddy's Little Girl

This is when I was cute. I think I was about three or four. That’s my dad. My real-life hero. There’s my beagle. July 22nd will be the two year anniversary of dad’s passing. He suffered from Alzheimer’s. So this is the way I like to remember him. All that cement we’re surrounded by; the stairs, the porch, the patio under dad’s feet; yuhp, he laid it all. So can you guess we’re Italian? Dad came to North America via ship in 1951. Canada first then the U.S. after he married mom and my sister was about three.

So my I came first, then my brother. Both of us born in the U.S.A. Okay, now Bruce Springsteen is running through my head. It doesn’t take much for a musical reference to start up in my head. Kind of pathetic if you ask me. I’ve been a music junkie since about the age of ten or so. I got hooked on Billy Joel real bad.

More music talk later. I’m getting writer neck kink. I think it’s time to chuck down some Motrin and head off to dream land. Night all. Pleasant dreams.


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